Dynamics of Prayer Group

"By Bro. Mark Nemo, International Council of Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS)"

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Everybody needs a home - even God. Not that the universe isn't his home; nor, more so, heaven itself. Yet in a special Bro.-Markway, God desires a home in the midst of his people where he can invite us in to have fellowship. Considering his deity, it is an astounding thought! Though some folks don't seem to care what kind of house they live in, God obviously has definite ideas about his house - right down to the last detail. It is equally obvious that God has good taste. Nothing but the very best for God! Not just gold, pure gold. Not just any fabric, but fine linen. For a God who calls us not to be materialistic, it is curious that he should place such a high priority on finery in his own house. Then again, perhaps his reasons for high-ticket items and are worlds apart.

When God draws up blueprints for his house, he expects his plans to be implemented without the slightest deviation]. How many times did he tell Moses to build sanctuary exactly as instructed? No independent contracting, please. No "do-it-yourself" notions. No human innovations. When God gives us a pattern, we ate to stick to it. Only his own meticulous pattern assures the intended relationship between form and function, whether it be in Israel's ancient tabernacle or, more crucially, in the sanctuary God has called each of us to be. If we are to be the sanctuary in which the Spirit of God makes his home, how can we expect to substitute our own designs for his, yet achieve the function and purpose he attends?

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